(a)Registration of Students in Council and University
   Every student of the college is a registered student of the CHSE, on admission into the +2 class or of the University, on first admission in the degree class of the college on payment of the registration fee as fixed by the CHSE/University. This registration is essential to get permission to sit for the Examination and the registration receipt is required to be produced at the time of filling up of the application form for admission to every examination.
(b)Entry of name in the Attendance Register.
   Students have to attend (a) general classes (b) tutorial and/or practical classes and students are advised to see to which practical or tutorial group they have been assigned. The name of every student is entered in the register for general and tutorial class. It is the duty of the college office to see that all the names have been entered in the appropriate registers. In case a student finds that his/her name has not been entered in the concerned register he/she should bring the fact to the notice of the Principal in writing. The Principal will not entertain any complaint at a later stage when a student falls short of the prescribed percentage of attendance on the ground that his/her name has not been entered in the appropriate register in time.
  Students whose attendance fall below the required percentage i.e 75% are liable to be detained irrespective of their performance in the examination. The syndicate may however condone the deficiency of attendance to the extent of 15% only in exceptional cases for degree examination not 10% only for +2 Examination. The sydicate may also grant condonation to a further extent of 5% who are deputed by the Govt. or by the University for any purpose.
(d)Rules for issue of T.C., Mark Sheet & Testimonials.
1.Students seeking C.L.C & T.C etc. should apply in the prescribed form which is available in the college office with clearance from Depts/Library/Accounts, etc.
2.These will be issued after 3days from the date of application. In case of urgency he/she is to apply before 12 noon by paying an urgent fee of Rs.40/- only besides the normal fee of Rs.60/-.
3.T.C., Mark sheet, C.L.C and other testimonials can only be issued to the students personally.
4.If a student fails to take the T.C, C.L.C, etc. personally he or she can authorise in writing any person who will take the same on production of the authorisation letter and Identity Card. Otherwise these documents will not be issued. This also can be issued to the students by registered post if they bear the postal charge. However, the college takes no responsibility for the loss of the document in transit.
(e)Issue of Duplicate T.C/C.L.C. Testimonials
   Duplicate T.C/C.L.C can be issued on production of Court affidavit in support of loss of the original. A fee of Rs.55/- will be charged for issue of Duplicate Certificate.
   If a student fails to take T.C./C.L.C etc. within one year from the date of his leaving the college, he shall be required to pay a sum of Rs.20/- per year as search fee. In such case certificates/mark sheets shall be issued subject to availability of records.