Pipli College has been included under 2(f) and 12(B) in the year 1993 and eligible to get financial assistance from UGC. During 8th plan period the college became eligible to receive development grant under which a library building was constructed and a computer network resource centre was established. During 9th plan the college is eligible to get books journal and equipment grant. In the 10th plan the college got grant for construction of additional class room, a girls hostel and additional grant for a new girls hostel to accomodate more girl students.

During the 11th plan the college has got development grant and grant under merged scheme. Now the college has remedial coaching course for SC/ST/Minorities and coaching course on entry in service for SC/ST/Minorities. Besides this the college has introduced human rights education course such as under graduate course, foundation and certificate course from the year 2011. The college has organized seminar and workshop on different issues in the college. Accomodation for girls students of +3 stream is provided in the college premises.